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What do I bring with me to rent a unit?

Bring a valid credit card, government issued ID and a circular lock, as seen here. We find this to be the most secure type of lock.  You can purchase one from us for $10.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We are a paperless/cashless facility. All payments are made by credit card or ACH bank draft. We offer automatic payments each month by credit card or ACH bank draft. To set it up, return the below form to us by email:



Will I be able to back my trailer into the unit?

Our facility has wide driveways, upwards of 45 feet, to make backing your trailer or RV easier. 

Do you have wash station?

There is a wash station at the front of the property for rinsing boats. Tenants must provide their own hoses. 

Is there a discount if I get more than one unit?

Yes, any additional units are 5% off that unit.

Are the units enclosed? 

We do not have any spaces that are uncovered or open in any way. All units are completely enclosed and roofed. 

Are the floors dirt or concrete? 

All units have a concrete floor. 

Do the units have electricity? 
Most units have timer lights and outlets for trickle chargers. The handful of units that do not offer electricity are $5/month cheaper. 

Are there restrictions on electricity use? 
The outlets are strictly for trickle chargers. Appliances and other high-draw items can trip the breakers. 

What sizes do you offer? 
Most sizes are listed here but we do have some unusual sizes so be sure to ask.

Are the sizes exact? 
Sizes can vary unit to unit by several inches. If you aren't sure if your unit is big enough, talk to us about taking an exact measurement for your unit. As always, be sure to measure the length, width and height of your boat or vehicle end to end to ensure it fits.

Is there a Dumpster on the property? 
There is no Dumpster or trash/waste disposal on the property. Tenants are responsible for removing their own trash from the property. 

How do you enter the facility? 
Each tenant has a unique access code to enter the gate.

What are the hours of access? 
While your gate code will work at all times, we ask that tenants minimize their access to the property between 11 pm and 6 am. 

What kind of security do you have? 
We have numerous cameras and we get alerts when any motion is detected on the property. An extensive network of lights keep the property well lit at night. 

What are the terms of the rental agreement? 
All units are rented on a three-month minimum. After that, it's month-to-month with a 30-day written notice to vacate. 

Do you require a deposit? 
Yes. The deposit is half-a-month's rent, and fully refundable upon move-out, provided there is no balance, damage to the unit, or items/trash left in the unit. 

Do you have some items that you don't allow to be stored at the facility? 
We do not allow the storage of firearms, ammunition, flammables, power tools, generators, compressors, landscaping/construction trailers, and items of high sentimental value. 


What if I refer a friend? 

If you refer someone to us and they rent a unit, we will credit you the value of one month of their rent! 

Are there restrictions to what the units may be used for? 
Our units are strictly for storage. Use of the units as workshops or commercial enterprises is strictly forbidden.

Do you offer insurance?
We do not offer insurance. Most homeowners insurance policies cover the contents of storage units so be sure to check yours. There are several reputable independent storage insurers as well. 

Do you allow drop-ins? 
We show and rent units by appointment only, between M-F, 9 am to 5 pm. We can accommodate after-hours move-ins if necessary. 

How do you make an appointment? 
Please call to schedule an appointment, and leave a message if we do not answer. All messages are immediately transcribed and emailed to our team, so someone will always get back to you quickly. If you don't leave a message, we won't know you called.

3 month minimum plus deposit due when you sign up

All rentals are three-month minimums, paid in full upon move-in. Your first month is half-off. All units require a security deposit equivalent to half of the monthly rate. Deposits are fully refundable upon move-out, provided there is no damage or balance, and the move-out procedure is followed. 






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