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What type of boat storage is best for you?

Need convenient, dry storage for your boat? Leaving your boat in or near the water year-round, especially through periods of long inactivity, can be damaging to the hull and engine, and marina fees can be very expensive. 

boat parked outside of house

Storing a boat in a garage can be a tight squeeze if it fits at all, and nobody wants it parked it on the street for the winter. Many homeowners' associations won't allow boat storage in their communities, so that might not even be an option.  

When considering boat storage options, there are a variety of types available. Each has its pros and cons and no certain type is right for everyone. A popular way to store your boat is by using stacked boat storage.  Your boat will be placed on a lift and kept up off of the ground indoors.  This is also called dry stack storage and is one of the more expensive types of storage. Whenever you need your boat, you have to request its removal and placement in the water.

dry stack boat storage

It does protect your boat from the elements compared to outdoor storage, but you also have to plan for the storage of your trailer. You also lose the mobility of having your boat easily accessible in case you want to explore different bodies of water.

Another boat storage option is outdoor boat storage at a self-storage facility. Many self-storage facilities offer outdoor storage or partially covered storage spaces where you can park your boat. This option is generally the cheapest, but you don't get many amenities or protection from the elements. If price is the most important criteria, then this is the one.

outdoor boat storage

A third option is boat storage units. These are enclosed spaces designed for boat, trailer, vehicle and RV storage. Many boat storage units also offer an electrical outlet to trickle charge the battery in your boat so it is ready for use when you need it.

The units come in two different types: open and enclosed. The benefit to having your own enclosed space is that you are the only one that has access to it. This means you can store other items, such as life jackets and coolers, in a more private, secure space. 

What type of boat storage do you think is right for you?

enclosed boat storage unit in Houston






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